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    Corporate culture

    Integrity : An ethical business conduct is the fundamental to creating a brand, and its competitiveness too.


    Innovative: Embrace the future with an open mind. Customer demand-oriented, cutting-edge technology-driven, continuously promoting innovation in technology, quality, service and management.


    Unity : We emphasize teamworking synergy creation.

    Mutual win : Work hand-in-hand with customers,suppliers, share holders and employees to gain advantages and development, and create value together to contribute to the society. 


    Entrepreneurial Ideal


    Business policy : International market-oriented, with rapid response capability, and gradually achieve diversified development of the enterprise, to meet the rapid growth in the market demand.


    Group Vision : To make Success Group a supplier with its One-stop service for global electronic brands, to create value forcustomers, to deliver welfare for employees, to contribute to the society.


    In line with business policy & vision above, the Group will, as always, adhere to the"integrity and pragmatism,people-oriented, to serve the excellent enterprises, to become an excellent enterprise "business philosophy to move forward.