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    Recruitment position Number Salary Time Working place
    Tooling Design Engineer1人8000-100002018-09-20Shenzhen
    Recruitment department:Engineering Department
    Number of recruits:1人
    Effective time:2018-09-20

    Terms of application:

    1.  Age requirement: above 26 years old.
    2.  College degree or above and major in mold design or manufacturing or related field.
    3.  More than 5 years experience in silicone mold design. Experience in remote control case, keyboard, solid/liquid silicone mold design is preferred.
    4.  Familiar with the working principle of hydraulic equipment, have the ability to analyze the defect of test mold products and put forward the feasible modification plan for the mold.

    5.  Familiar with mold manufacturing process, field processing experience is preferred.
    6.  Familiar with mold manufacturing process, field processing experience is preferred.
    7.  Proficient in office software and AutoCAD, UG and other auxiliary drawing software.


    Contact information:

    Human resources department: maohongtao@hkscs.com

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    Executive vice president1人18000-300002018-09-08Shenzhen
    Recruitment department:General Manager Office
    Number of recruits:1人
    Effective time:2018-09-08

    Terms of application:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, the major is not restricted.

    2. More than 10 years management experience in large/medium-sized electronic enterprises, familiar with the overall operation process and management of electronic enterprises.

    3. More than 5 years management experience in manufacturing, engineering, operation and quality of silicone rubber, plastic, remote control related products.

    4. Familiar with factory operation and management, with rich experience in production management, material management, cost control, quality management, safety management, etc.

    5. Familiar with factory's lean production management and have intelligent factory management concept and operation experience.

    6. Excellent leadership, communication and coordination, teamwork, planning and execution skills.

    7. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Overseas factory construction and management experience is better.

    8. Responsible for the management of factories in Shenzhen and Jiangxi。


    1. Responsible for organizing the establishment and improvement of plant operation system, quality assurance system, cost control system, safety production system, assessment system and various system processes

    2. Establish annual production objectives and plans, manage and control production objectives and business objectives according to the company's business strategy.

    3. Responsible for the establishment of the management team and organizational structure of the factory, management training and assessment of staff, supervision and coordination of the smooth implementation of the work of various departments and Implementation

    4. Responsible for the daily production, operation and management of the factory, supervise the delivery of production orders, and effectively achieve quality and cost.

    5. Continuously optimize and improve the production process, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, control and reduce production costs.

    6. Instruct and inspect the company's environment, production safety, fire protection and other logistical support work.

    7. Cooperate with the reception work of important guests, and lead the smooth development of customer audit.
    8. To complete other tasks assigned by the chairman or general manager.

    Contact information:

    Human resources department mailbox:maohongtao@hkscs.com

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    Structural engineer5人8000-120002018-09-08Shangrao,Jiangxi
    Recruitment department:Engineering Department
    Number of recruits:5人
    Effective time:2018-09-08

    Terms of application:

    1.  College degree or above

    2.  More than 5 years experience in project development or mold design of plastic shell (mobile phone shell, telephone set, small household appliances, etc.)

    3.  Can independently complete project assessment to mold verification, project transfer tracking, BOM inventory production.

    4.  Familiar with the whole process.

    5.  Proficient in Pro/E or UG and CAD software.


    Contact information:

    Human resources department:zhangyq@wsasc.com.cn

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